Friday, October 2, 2009

Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes was originally read to me in elementary. This is my first time, technically, reading it. My experience and impression of it now is much different from back then. For those of you who have never read Holes, let me tell you it is really good.

I can also say it is original. Whoever heard of a Camp where boys go to dig holes to build character? If you've read Holes you have. If not, why not see if you like it. None of the boys at Camp Green Lake enjoy it very much.

Due to Stanley Yelnats no-good-dirty-rotten-great-great-grandfather he had the choice of Camp or jail. He chose camp thinking it would be fun, plus his parents could never afford to send him. There Stanley makes some discoveries about himself and why they dig Holes. Sachar weaved a really good story. I love how he placed the flashbacks. Without them, I don't think the story would be half as good. It isn't amazing, but well worth reading. Giving us the background information brought a lot of life to this story and made for a unforgettable children's book.

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