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Win The Host - ends June 30, 2009

At Wrighty's Read book blog she is giving away three copies of The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Hurry because it ends tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. est. Good luck to two of you, because I want a copy too.

All you have to do is be a U.S. or Canada resident, no PO Boxes. If you are eligible leave a comment with your email address. You can earn extra entries (she specifies how on the site). She'll choose the winners through

Host Contest - Ends June 30, 2009

Plans for the week

Wait Patiently for My Sister's Keeper to be checked into the library so I can check it out. The Same goes for The Time Traveler's Wife. I need to reread it. After I finish reading I plan on watching both of the films, then do two more Book\Film Reviews, which I love.

I am finally going t0 read the book that was the basis of one of my favorite movies, Howl's Moving Castle. I just got it ten minutes before closing at the library yesterday. It will give me an excuse to watch the film again, not that I need one.

On a more personal note; I have jury duty today, and I have to start exercising this week. Hopefully, I will stick to all these plans.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Hunt - Catching Fire

When I first found out Catching Fire is going to be released on September 1st, I started my ARC Hunt. At first, I could barely find one contest/giveaway that I was eligible for, or didn't already miss out on.

Now, probably due to BEA, everyone seems to have one to offer. Just knowing there is a greater chance of getting my hands on one, makes me excited.

Here is a couple I found on my own the other day. Thanks Google search.

Confession of a Wondering Heart book blog is also having a contest and The Shady Glade is also having one.

Through the Chick Lit Teens book blog I got a link to the Kidlit contest.


Ends Monday, June 29, 2009

Shady Glade Catching Fire ARC Contest

Ends Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ARC Catching Fire Contest
Kidlit Contest - Have the option to enter to win an ARC of Shiver, instead.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

Have you heard of it?

I came across it at my library. Never heard of it before, but I have seen the last book advertised in the sale papers.

I fell in love (strong like of the character, not obsession) with Gregor from Suzanne Collin's The Underland Chronicles. That's why I went on a quest to find a new hero to admire.

Most of the books I read have a female lead. It's nice to read things through a guy's perspective for a change. Boys tend to be less whinny. Not to say they don't have issues. Cause they do. Still, reading through a guys' perspective is really fun.

The only thing I don't like about it, which can often occur in chick flicks as well, is that they always seem to have to rescue, the girl. Example of this being The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga.

What do you think of the series?

Have any other series or a standalone to suggest? Let me know.

On My Slide Show

Book Release Dates - I can hardly wait for
Rapture of the Deep: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Soldier, Sailor, Mermaid, Spy (August 31, 2009)
Catching Fire (September 1, 2009)
Homecoming, Hunter's Moon (Sept. 1, 2009)
The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide (Sept. 30, 2009) - Not pictured
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma (October 6, 2009)
Splendor: A Luxe Novel (Oct. 27, 2009) - Not pictured yet; cover unavailable
Runaway (May 2010)- cover unavailable
Skin Starved (in 2010, according to Goodreads) - cover unavailable

While I'm waiting for these, there are a few books I've picked up, that I am equally anticipating.

A few months back I went to They have some of the best giveaways. If you haven't been to the site, you should. Teens make brief book recommendations. This is were I have learned about one of my favorite series, Bloody Jack, if you haven't noticed, as of late. Someone recommended Oh. My. Gods by Tera Lynn Childs. It seemed interesting. Went to the library, couldn't find it, and that was that.

I try not to buy books brand new, as a matter of fact I try not to buy books at all, since I'm frugal, or in other words, an eternal cheapskate. If I buy, it's usually from, garage sales, or find it book stores. I'm up for the hunt when it comes to a good book.

I will read it though. Just waiting for the library, or a very kind soul to drop Oh. My. Gods. in my lap.

The last book on my slide show, but I'm sure, not the least, is Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. This recommendation came from Chick Lit Teens book blog. It was a great review. I think the book has to be good, or whoever wrote that is just good at selling things. Can't wait to review it and all the others soon.


by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Finished Tantalize in one day. The book was really original, despite the fact that it dealt with vampires and werepeople. It happened to be a bit educational, as well. Educational in the sense that it incorporated some elements of the supernatural, that I was unaware of before reading.

I'm a Texan. A few weeks back, I decided I wanted to read some books written by Texans. That's when I came across Tantalize and Eternal, by Cynthia Leitich Smith. At first, I was thinking, ah, another vampire book (because they seem to be really popular today, everyone wants to write about them. And not everyone can write well.) After starting, I learned it wasn't just another vampire book.

The story is set in Austin, Texas. The angle and plot of the story were probably what first drew me in. Quincie Morris, a descendant of Quincey P. Morris (a vampire slayer; he helped kill Dracula), has a hybrid-werewolf boy friend, that she would like to someday be her boyfriend. The likelihood of that happening is very minute. Not just because he's a wereperson, but because he is soon to leave her forever, to join a pack, that will provide for Kieren in ways Quincie is unable to. Before this initial heartbreak she has to deal with the lose of a loved one.

Her and her Uncle Davidson have been planning to open a vampire themed restaurant; Sanguini's: A Very Rare Restaurant. A few weeks before the official opening, they have to go on a search for a new head chef. This leads to Henry Johnson becoming a part of their family. Not only can he cook well, he can also be very seductive in other ways.

The novel has a lot to do with trust. Should she believe someone who has only been in her life for a minute, or, a friend she has had since practically birth? The wannabe chef, or, her first love? What she decides alters her life in ways she never expected.

Quincie is Italian, I believe. In a lot of films, and things like that, it seems that they have strong family bonds. Which is why some of the things that happen in the story feel messed up. While I won't expose to you what that is in particular, I will make one final comment, that can be viewed as negative.

The ending sucked. It mostly sucked because it reminded me of something another author, no, as a matter of fact, a couple of authors did with their books. After finishing Tantalize, I couldn't wait to read Eternal. The problem: the characters are different, storyline, and theme.

Authors are artists. I know it is important for them to express themselves in their own way, but why. Instead of the following book continuing where the first left off, they want to give me more people to care about. That sucks. I just fell in love with, almost, everyone else, now, I have to start over, again. I'll stop b-ing. Eternal seems like it can be just as good as Tantalize. However, it is put on hold until I read some more books I actually want to.

First Book/Film Review - Twilight

There are probably a thousand of these out there, but here I go.

Written by Stephenie Meyer
Screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg

First off, I'm not obsessed with the Twilight Saga. Unless, you consider reading all the books more than three times obsessed. I am in strong like of it. Like any literary work it has flaws. Not that I'm much good when it comes to grammar, research, or anything, but that's the truth. Secondly, I will try to be as unbiased as possible. Which in most cases isn't much of a possibility. Lastly, if you haven't read Twilight, or seen the film, I will try not to ruin anything for you. Okay?

It wasn't until, maybe Sophomore year in high school, that I actually took an interest in reading for leisure. Now, it wasn't until my Senior year that I was introduced to Twilight by an acquaintance. This chance encounter, changed my life. Twilight is the book, that really got me reading. Before I had never paid much never mind to what I read as long as it didn't bore me to death. Then I get Stephenie Meyer's book, and I'm like, "This is so good". That may be an understatement for some, but for someone like me who spent most of their life just doodling, it's a big deal.

Now what makes Twilight so Good, you ask?
Well, if it was up to me to sell her books, they probably wouldn't be so successful. So, you can disregard or refute anything I say that doesn't suit the work's magnitude (No, I am not being sarcastic). If anything can gain the hearts of millions, then it must be magnificent. Only time will tell how great though.

Bella Swan (who from this point on will mostly be referred to simply as B.S.), moves back to Forks, Washington to live with her father Charlie, after her mother remarries. Given the high divorce rate in this country, I can see how some would relate to this circumstance. Then to add to that, she isn't that exceptional in any way, that is, if you don't consider clumsiness a exceptional trait (I don't see her being that clumsy, but apparently she is). Some people may think that she is extraordinary, because of their admiration of the character, but saying B.S. is extraordinary (Unless you are her undying love) is basically b.s. I'll let you make your own judgements about that. Meyer even says that B.S. is ordinary, though.

After the move she has to tolerate her new home. It's cloudy almost all of the time. She just came from Phoenix, AZ so that's a big adjustment. On top of that she has to start at a new high school, where she is throw in the spotlight, because the entire student body is the equivalent of her old class. At lunch, a group of students off on their own catches her attention. She learns from Jessica Stanley about the Cullen family. They are by far the most beautiful people she's ever seen. From that point on she is drawn in. The first time she is able to get near the youngest Cullen, Edward, she is shocked, and upset. He doesn't appear too friendly. To add to that he tries to switch his classes in an attempt to avoid her. This makes no sense to B.S. After this she wants to confront him, but never gets the chance. Some time passes, and she comes to expect that he won't be there, which is almost as intolerable as his behavior (Which I might add she's gotten over. Must be his face.). Then suddenly, one day he is there.

Edward tries to make an effort to be nice, which before Bella, wasn't a problem. She's charmed but frustrated with him. Her infatuation isn't helped with his cryptic ways. He saves her from being squashed by a van. This is when her curiosity and infatuation, or love, intensifies. They argue about the incident at first, but eventually agree to disagree. He allows her to take a guess at how he could achieve such a feat, to humor himself, but she can't figure it out. Since he obviously isn't going to tell her what's going on, she tries to find the answers another way. That's where Jacob Black, son of Billy, Charlie's good friend, comes in. One of the Quileutes makes a remark, "The Cullens don't come here" , while on trip to La Push beach with friends. This leads to B.S. tricking the answer out of her childhood playmate (probably only in film. I think his sisters in book.) He tells her the legend about the Werewolves (Quileutes) and the Cold Ones A.K.A. Vampires (Cullens). After doing further research this theory seems to make sense. B.S. is saved, once again, by Edward, and finally gives him an answer, the correct one, as to how he stopped the van.

From that point on they are nearly inseparable, until a few non-vegetarian vampires come to town.

A few holes and rough spots, but I think (hope) you get the gist.


I am not a big fan of literature that I've already read being made into film. A lot of times, it doesn't seem to have the same heart and character that the work originally did. I miss out on what captured me in the first place. When you create these pictures in your head, then see them not created on film, it can be very disappointing.

It took me three tries, before I liked the film. I have read the book over three times. Now, what does that say about the movie. There are some things that were, basically, ridiculous. It didn't seem real. Okay, this is a work of fiction, based on a dream, but still, it just seemed silly at times. If it wasn't for my love of the characters I wouldn't want to see it again. Which I am so going to do.

They jumped into some things too quickly. The film was like two hours and something, but I feel it lost a lot of what made the book what it is. I couldn't get the same connections from the actors that I felt for the characters. Some how that was lost. Even the actors didn't seem connected at times. Edward, is supposed to be charming, even though, in my opinion he could be very controlling, and a little manipulative. Robert Pattinson's best part, was probably when he first introduced himself to Bella. He had me, but only for a little while. After that he just seemed, like a jerk, or some other bad things. Then the way Bella pursued him, was very frustrated. Kristen Stewart. It seemed like she was the main person not really connecting with anyone. Very disappointing. Maybe this was intentional, because Bella was already an outcast, freak, or whatever you wish to call her. At the same time, she didn't inspire me to root for her.

There are some events that occurred in the film that were silly. They wait until they get into the woods, so she can tell him, "I know what you are." I had to laugh. This was probably to illustrate the extent to which she trusts him and how scary, and serious this is, but really. Now, if Robert and Kristen weren't laughing their A's off while the camera were circling overhead, I don't know what to say. I suppose you can't be an actor unless you have discipline. But that obviously wasn't a concern.

I liked the liberties they took with a later scene. The ballet room scene was really nice. However, the action could have been more graphic. Given the fact they choose to show Kristen in her undies, making out with Edward in her bed. (I don't remember this from the book. Bella is supposedly an innocent. As a matter of fact, I don't remember them getting near hot and heavy until Eclipse. Ha.) Since a stunt man had a concussion, or something, for three days I can't say anything else negative about the fighting sequence. Great job dude.

This is probably a poor review. I hate spoilers, and would hate to spoil anyone else's experience of Twilight. There are some things in the book and film that I am sure I didn't help illustrate the best. So, my suggestion would be to read the book, and rent the film, or borrow it from your library.

Bloody Jack Adventure Series - Book 3

Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber

By L. A. Meyer

The third installment in the Bloody Jack series is even better than the first book. If you only like Bloody Jack, I'm sure you'll love this one. Don't let the length scare you. By the end you'll be wanting more. It seems Meyer has made the characters more stronger and thus more appealing, and his creativity isn't letting up.

I missed so much from the Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady, because I couldn't find it and still don't have it. Even though I skipped the second book (sinned), Meyer was still able to draw me into this story and inform me as well. He did it in a way that was straight to the point and didn't take anything away from it. An attribute Jacky possess, as well.

Jacky Faber makes her way back to her native land with the hopes of seeing her true love, Jaimy Fletcher. Even though she wears the clothes of a lady and has finer manners (when necessary)now, she isn't received the way she hoped. The culprit being a book entitled the same as the first in this series, telling everything she told a friend, Amy Trevelyne. Now that most of her life has been divulged it's no wonder Jaimy's mother did not receive her, with welcome arms.

She goes to find Jaimy, and in the process finds out about some of her old mates. It seems a few moved on to better lives, some not so good. When she meets one of them she does what she does best, help them out. After which she heads to the races in male attire, because it's inappropriate for a lady to attend without a male escort. She discovers her love to be quite cozy with a pretty girl, and runs away not waiting for an explanation. In the process of escaping she gets picked up by a press-gang, which is where the action starts happening.

On board the HMS Wolverine Jacky once again takes to nautical life, schemes, makes new friends, and maybe a few who could be more than friends, and most importantly tries to stop the captain's advances and put the death ship into proper working order, even if that means she has to take command.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bloody Jack - Really good read

Bloody Jack: Being an account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's boy

By L. A. Meyer

It isn't easy being a girl in the 19th century. Especially when your family is deceased, you're an orphan, and have to be a gang member to survive the streets of London. The only thing guaranteed is death, then your corpse being collected and used for experimentation. Sure, that could happen, but only by choice. When the chance comes it must be taken. And take it, she did.

Mary Faber isn't illiterate. This allows her to occasionally earn a little extra money for her gang, The Rooster Charlie Gang. They were the ones who saved her from her first grip with death. After her mother and sister died; she was put out in the streets by Muck, the corpse seller, to die. Since then she has been with them, like a family. The daily grind is simple: beg, beg, keep territory, and survive. No one wants to come into Muck's grasp. Nor do any of them want to starve to death. Despite the circumstances, they all have dreams.

Mary wants to have her own ship one day, and become a merchant. She wants the chance to break free. At first this doesn't appear to be a possibility, but after the murder of a gang member, she decides to take a chance. Not knowing exactly what she'll do, her quest begins. Mary leaves her gang, and sets out to find her fortune.

If she were a boy a lot could happen. It is a known truth, that even a dumb, filthy boy can do anything better than a smart girl. Using her shiv she cuts off her hair and changes into boy's clothing. Then heads to the HMS Dolphin where they need six ship's boys. Her ability to read gets her the position. While signing on she changes her age and name to Jacky, her father's name. This transition brings about entertaining and sometimes funny happenings.

At one point in the story, I thought I had figured out how she got her nickname, Bloody Jack. The little red sister (a phrase gotten from Shanghai Girls), her period, is what I thought it was, but that wasn't it. I'll let you find out, because I hate spoilers, and even what I said before might have spoiled something for someone. The story is really nice. It is not your usual coming of age tale, if it can even be considered that. She along with all the other ship's boys grow throughout the story. Some even get promoted to higher ranks. Before any of this though, there are some problems: a pedophile trying to molest her, crushing on one of her mates, finding out about being a woman, and of course, keeping her true identity a secret.

I recommend this book and the rest of the series, to anyone who likes adventure, nautical life, and of course, a heroine.

Note: It can be slightly boring at times, but what good book isn't like that.

Found a new site, new to me at least

BookMooch. Have you heard of it?

I found it today. Well, technically, it's been on my favorites for about a year, but I don't recall ever using it. (That's kind of a habit of mine; Collecting things and never using them.) I haven't started using it yet, either. It does look like a pretty decent site though. I'm thinking I might start. They have a few copies of the Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady (Second book in the Bloody Jack Adventure Series).

Last week, I was trying to find a copy of the second book. Okay, getting off track.

Might have to pay for shipping, but I can handle it. It's bound to be less than buying a brand new copy, which I rarely do by the way, but it sounds more economic. Might try it with the books I promised my Momma I would get rid of last week.

Shanghai Girls - A good read

Shanghai Girl
A Novel by Lisa See

What I know about the Chinese zodiac, I learned from Fruits Basket. Other than that, I don't know much about China, and even sadder than that, Chinese Americans, and what they dealt with coming into American, and their treatment during the spread of Communism in China. This book was really educational to me, and I look forward to reading more of See's work in the future. In some ways this book was different. In others, it was sort of obvious what was going to happen. Not too predictable, but predictable none the less. There are some upsets, followed by several tragedies. Through all this though there is a lasting idea of hope.

Tradition and modernity and simple sibling rivalry, have a lot to do with this story. The two main protagonists, the sisters, Pearl Chin and May Chin, eldest and youngest, respectively, fight to decide what they believe in, and what they want. Now, when it first started off, they can seem like pretty pampered princesses. That may be the case to some, yes, they are spoiled, but they are still just like children, inexperienced and growing. They aren’t that young, 21 and 18, but I still consider that to be a very difficult age. They are being meant with all the pressures from society; associates, friends, and having to deal with the expectations of family. (I had no idea that they were that strict. I have to admit I like the way they honor their elders and ancestors, but my feminist side wants to jump out, so I’ll leave it at that.) While they are fighting tradition and trying to hold to their modern beliefs, they began to fight one another. Eventually, they come to accept what is, and try to move pass past hurts. It takes them over a decade to get there.

Depending on the way you look at it. You could say after reading this that everyone is in charge of there own destiny, and you can't just sit back and choose to be a victim of the past. You can’t blame things on fate. Only you are in control. Can’t control everything, but you are in control of your life.

Note: My opening line might have been a little off, but if you read the book you’ll see why I mentioned it.

Probably the Shortest Message I'll Ever Write

That isn't a title of a book (as far as I know). It's simply a statement of fact. I am long winded. Or, as my mother would say, type-winded. I apologize for that. I also apologize in advance about my sidetracking. It's a habit.

Just a warning. This occurs almost constantly, and my grammar is quite poor, so, if any of that offends you my apologies.

Note: This is the first and last apology I will issue on the matter.

I love series...SERIESLY

There has never been a series, I've read, that I haven't liked. No, I haven't read Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, but I'm sure I would like it. I like the movies, anyway. I just really love books period, and would like to share what 'I feel' with anyone who is interested. Granted, I'm not an expert. I hope the reviews and general posts aren't too horrible. I look forward to reading series and other materials as well, but book series are going to be my primary focus. Enjoy.

Note: I am an awfully slow reader at times. So, I can't promise more than a few updates each week. Also, I have many other interests, but will try not to sidetrack.