Friday, August 7, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama, and nothing special

P.S. I Loathe You (Clique Novel #10)
By Lisi Harrison

As premature as it is, considering I'm practically an adult (according to my parents I am one). Even though I can hardly relate to anything Lisi ever writes about, I love this series. I really do. Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me. I occasionally get laughs and find them to be fun reads, but where's that thing that makes you just love a book? Maybe if I was younger and had girlfriends, and Prada products, I'd get it.

There is more to drama than fights and breaking up. Apparently that's mostly what they do. It isn't anything new. Still somehow I wish Lisi would add a different layer to her storyline than just the drama. Then again, the characters wouldn't be who they are. She really needs to give us a break and add something refreshing. Once again, the preteens are fighting over boys, instead of focusing on their studies. Doing almost anything they want, because most of them are well off. Giving in to peer pressure. I have to say I'm starting to like Dylan a lot more though. A word of advice, sometimes you can't always listen to your friends *cringe* sometimes, you need the advice of your Mother or a motherly figure.

What do I expect really. I just wish the girls would grow up. Maybe I'm growing out of the series. Or maybe, she's taken it as far as it can go. I will be reading, and hopefully reviewing Alphas, her newest series soon. Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for there. If not: bye bye PC, MAC, and Lisi.

Note: I will review the rest of the series, once I read them again. Maybe if I review what I love, I will continue. I'm going to do it anyways, because I hate not knowing what happens.

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