Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gothic Film Club

Just found out about it today. The original post can be found at Write for a Reader

Yesterday, Aug 1st, as many of you know, was the actual release date for Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters. The reviews for her book have been glowing, so if you haven't read it, I suggest that you do. I will be posting my review this week.

Michelle has graciously offered up some fabulous prizes for my readers, in connection with a contest that I will be hosting here for the entire month of August. Entrants need to watch one movie a week and then blog about it (a movie review) with a link back to my blog as well as Michelle's. You have to mention Prophecy and post the cover in order to be eligible.

Each Monday in August, I will post Movie Monday, where you'll put your links in the comments. Then, the following Sunday, I will choose one winner, randomly, from all the entries. The winner will receive a signed hardcover of Prophecy of the Sisters as well as miscellaneous Prophecy swag to include a magnet, a signed mini-poster, etc. At the end of the month I will choose a winner from each person who entered during the month (you will receive one entry per week that you participate, for a total of 4 entries if you participate each week) and the Grand Prize winner will receive a Gothic Swag Bag - gift cards, jewlery, movies, etc.

The list of movies to choose from are as follows:

Interview with a Vampire*
The Others*
Wuthering Heights
Rear Window
Dial M for Murder
The Village*
The Orphanage
An American Haunting
Sleepy Hollow*
The Skeleton Key
The Haunting
The Changeling *
30 Days of Night
The Talented Mr. Ripley*
Van Helsing*
The Crow*
Edward Scissorhands*

I am announcing the contest today, and will have a post up tomorrow where you can link to your movie review posts throughout the week. You can start watching movies tonight and start posting as early as tomorrow. Remember, all posts must be up and linked by the following Saturday each week so that a winnner can be drawn on Sunday to be posted on Monday with the new week's Movie Monday post.

Today, you can comment about your desire to participate, which movies you will watch and review, etc. Don't worry about choosing the same movie as someone else, multiple reviews for the same movie are welcome! So, who's going goth, as in goth movies?

*These are movies I've seen and wouldn't mind watching again for this challenge. I was thinking about watching Sleepy Hollow anyways, so I could review it on my movie blog.

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  1. Do it girl! I just won *dances* I watched The Changeling and really enjoyed it. :-D