Saturday, August 22, 2009

Suzanne Young Interview

This past week has been very exciting. It is my pleasure to post my first interview with Suzanne Young, author of The Naughty List (set to be released February 4, 2010), the first in the Naught List Series. My love for series is well known; this series is especially special. It's original and from what I hear fun and really good.

1. Most authors feel they’ve always had a knack for writing. Do you think you fall into this category?

I’ve always liked to write. Not sure if I ever felt that I was great at it, but I’ve always loved dialog. So, even back in my really awful 7th grade short stories starring my friends, the dialog was totally believable! The Pillsbury Dough Boy… not so much.

2. Do you throw yourself into your writing first, or do you have to think a lot through before hand?

Um… I don’t usually think. I just write until my fingers are numb and my husband has to have an intervention to make sure I eat. But really, I love to fast draft, then I usually go back when I’m done to add the layers.

3. I read in an interview at /- La Femme Readers -/, that you had a vision of ninja cheerleaders. Does this mean the girls in the SOS literally kick butt, or is that against the rules?

Well, the girls in The Naughty List are there for investigative purposes only. But… it wouldn’t be right if there weren’t at least one catfight, right?

4. Speaking of the rules, could we go into a little more detail on them. Or is that one of the things that could possibly spoil our future reading pleasure?

In the book there is the SOS Charter, but there are definitely rules to spying on cheating boyfriends. For example, never be spotted at the scene of the cheat. Or better yet, never hookup with a suspect!

5. Just to clarify, the Society of Smitten Kittens, only consist of females? If so, what happens if one of them cheats? Is their punishment similar to what their male counterparts receive?

SOS doesn’t exact justice but only confirms suspected cheaters. The society is made of the cheer squad, which unfortunately doesn’t have any male members. But now you’ve given me a great idea…

6. Please tell us five things you love about your job. And one you really detest.

Things I love:

1. I work in my pajamas.

2. I can work from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop.

3. When I write a story I live in that world. And sometimes, it’s a really fun place to be.

4. I meet some really cool and creative people.

5. I get to write for teens—and that’s pretty dang awesome.

Things I don’t love:

Having patience, because the publishing world? Not exactly fast-paced.

7. How do you feel about people snooping?

Personally? Sheesh… I’m not sure I should answer it either way! If I say I understand because I myself have been guilty of it, people might start looking for all my ex-boyfriends and ask them about me. And if I say I think it’s horrible and insecure, I’d be dissing my cheerleaders. So… I’ll say, “Trust your gut.”

8. Recently, I’ve noticed that some authors make playlists during the process of writing their books. What did you do to help stimulate those creative juices?

I sometimes make playlists. I haven’t really done any lately, but that’s because my children are home and their yelling is enough music for my ears. Kidding. I actually love to check into a hotel for two days when I’m about halfway through a book to clear my head and work in private. I get huge chunks of writing done in that time.

Thanks so much for this interview! These were great questions!


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