Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Airhead - really good read

By Meg Cabot

When Airhead was first released I wasn't paying much attention. I read a synopsis, I guess, but didn't really think about it. I focused mostly on the cover. Since the synopsis, cover, and title were unappealing I assumed it would be a predictable tale about a girl who becomes a model and Miss Popularity, every girl's dream. Wrong. The synopsis I read was very misleading.

I love Meg Cabot. I've read her more than any other author, because she writes really well. She develops characters, plots, and stories like it's nothing at all.

Airhead was no exception.

Modeling is revered by some, if you aren't one of those people, then you probably think that the whole occupation is for people with pretty faces and nice bodies, or, that it's simply a no brainer. The book doesn't try to protest that. It actually has a deeper meaning.

I don't want to rehash what you have probably heard plenty of times now, since it's been out for a while so...

Emerson Watts, isn't Miss Popularity; she doesn't have the boy she loves, the hottest clothes, best of the best, but she's smart. After a very unexpected accident she finds herself in the body of one of the hottest Supermodels, Nikki Howard.

Not the best thing I ever read, but still good. The second book in the series, Being Nikki, is so much better. Look for that review in a few days.

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