Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book/Film Review Howl's Moving Castle

It would be so easy to simply compare and contrast. I feel that would be giving too much away. So, I'll make this as brief and nice as possible.

I love both the book and the film. There isn't a preference. (The image on the right uploaded that way.)

There were some things included in the book that I wish they had put into the film. I won't complain about those though. You can find a synopsis of the book at

The gist of the story is as follows:

An ordinary girl, with a latent ability (not included so much in the film, but still present), sets out to cure her curse (book/film) and seek her fortune (in book). She figures that since she is already an old lady she might enjoy the life she has for once.

Sophie Hatter, leaves her hat shop and begins her quest. Along the way she encounters a scarecrow and a dog (in book), before making her way across the waste and wondering into Wizard Howl's moving castle. There, she makes a contract with the fire demon Calcifer. While trying to free him of his contract, in order to break her curse, she must put up with the Howl, and avoid further confrontation with the Witch of the Waste.

In the film, they focused more on war and Howl's part in it. The book seemed to focus more on the characters relationships and the drama as a result of all different things happening. Like the prince and Wizard Suliman missing (book), Howl's courtship, how much the witch hates them, etc. You'll have to read the book, to truly appreciate the film. Things will be more clear.

You have to admire Diana Wynn Jones writing and the way Hayao Miyazaki was able to bring it to life. He took some liberties to personalize it to his style, but the end result was just as amazing as the story that inspired it.

My rating for both will be a 4.75.

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