Friday, July 3, 2009

Fragile Eternity - Wickedly Good

Fragile Eternity Sequel to Wicked Lovely
Written By Melissa Marr

It was worth the wait. I hope that eventually Seth can say the same thing. Which I'm sure he will. Since I'm a novice at book reviews, and hate spoilers, I'll try to make this as un-boring as possible, and short. The first few have been a bit much.

Seth Morgan has finally decided to stop hoeing around, and stick with one woman, Aislinn, the immortal, the Summer Queen. He has become a part of the World of Fae, but not the way he would wish. Seth wants to be there for her, forever. He doesn't want to be limited by how finite he is. The question is whether he can accept the cost of eternity.

Yeah. I know you are probably thinking, 'How lame, couldn't you do better than that?' I might.

Aislinn has now become a main figure in the world she once avoided. After being taught to fear, and avoid faeries, she's one of them. A royal, the Summer Queen to Keenan, the Summer King. As summer grows nearer the ability to control the the urge to be his queen wholly is very difficult. They are drawn to each other by this connection. If it weren't for their other relationships, they would probably be more intimate. Which would strengthen the Summer Court, which has been weakened over the years, because of Beira, the deceased Winter Queen. Will there court be weakened by their arrangements, or will they be able to become one?

I'm looking forward to finding out that answer too.

Since the beginning, the relationship with Keenan has never been as she wished it. Donia, has a lot of decisions to make: for the good of her court, pride, and relationship. She doesn't want them to turn into his parents. She doesn't want just part of him either.

There is no way everyone can get what they want. It doesn't help that war wants to ravish the earth. Only one thing is certain. Eternity is Fragile.

LOL I am so bad.

The relationships aren't that complicated, but some are just sad. Donia, the Winter Queen, has a sad relationship, because Keenan can't be with her the way they want. Keenan is frustrated because Aislinn refuses to be his queen (Love him). Aislinn can't stand the idea of losing anyone (She's accepted it will happen, but wants to prevent it), especially not Seth. Seth will essentially decide how this will pan out.

I have a new found respect for Seth. His reasoning makes more sense than a lot of the other characters. (He doesn't have the full understanding of Faeries though.) So, that leaves us with all these faeries, who are trying not to kill one another, because of spite or jealousy. Then there's Bananach, war, who would gladly destroy them all, if she could. She is one of the more interesting characters. I look forward to seeing what will happen.

Hope this didn't bore you to tears.

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