Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How many books have I read so far this year?

I have no idea. About forty or fifty, I'm thinking, because it has been quite a few. I kept track for a while then stopped.

My goal for last year was to read fifty. Which I succeeded at. Now, this year I have decided to read at least one-hundred books by the end of this year. It seems quite a few people are doing that already so maybe I should try something else.

Since there are only six months left this year and I'll have a more strict schedule in the fall, I should try for something realistic. I'll go for fifty books like I did last year. Only this time, for every book I read I need to write five-hundred words, towards my book or on my blog.

I know, practically everyone wants to be a novelist. I just want to write. Although, I'll admit being a successful novelist would be nice. I'll stick to trying to write. Besides my audience has not found me, yet. Really need to work on promoting this blog.

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