Thursday, July 2, 2009

Being Nikki: An Airhead Novel by Meg Cabot

I wish I hadn't read it. If I hadn't read Being Nikki: An Airhead Novel, I wouldn't be so pissed about how long I have to wait for Runaway, the sequel to Being Nikki, to come out. Boy, Meg Cabot really knows how to write a story. The last chapter was almost mind blowing. I mean I was kinda hoping what happened, would, but at the same time I didn't expect what is revealed. In it one of the characters, that may seem insignificant, plays a very crucial role, but I'll stop there.

Emerson Watts, known to most as Em, has been dead for months now, well, technically. Since an accident at a Stark store, she had to have her brain transplanted into another body. This allowed her to take over a supermodel, and become Nikki Howard. Obviously modeling isn't as easy as playing Journeyquest, Em and Christopher's (best friend before all this) favorite game. Turns out, even though Nikki wasn't a brainiac, she had a tough time. Which, was probably because of her stank attitude, and lust for ineligible guys.


Em finally breaks it off with Brandon Stark, permanently. Still attempts to reveal her true self in hopes of winning the love of Christopher, but fears he has fallen for someone else. To make matters worse, he might have gone to the dark side. Then her sister Frida, raises hell (mostly throwing fits), because she can't get what she wants off her sister being Nikki; Em has changed in a bad way (Frida's and maybe her mother's opinion). In addition to her personal problems, Em must assist Nikki's brother on a quest to discover what happened to their mom.

In Airhead, it was stated that Nikki didn't really keep in contact with her family. Her brother shows up, Em had no idea Nikki had a brother, and demands to know where their mother is. The amnesia thing can only go so far in some cases, but she still manages to convince him, slightly, that she doesn't remember. Trying to help him find mom is difficult, because of Stark, and basically, if she hired someone, they'd probably uncover information about her operation. That's where Christopher comes in, unexpectedly, I might add. He has connections, and can acquire the information she needs if she meets his condition. She has to supply information, that he believes can take down Stark Enterprises, forever. In an attempt to make everyone as happy as possible, she ends up trailing something that could be the death of her, this time, for real.

This may have been giving away too much, even though it isn't very detailed. I want to say more, but it's more exciting to read, without already knowing the story.


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  1. Nice review! I just finished reading this book and I didn't even know there was a 1st book x)